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So why does Peg Leg Garage care?

Well 1 Leg Lance was named the Chief Safety Officer for the 2023 edition, so read on to learn more and watch for updates often.

Go to to get the latest details on the event but I will give the quick rundown here.

There are 5 races in the World Rally Raid Championship starting with Dakar, the Abu Dhabi (1 Leg Lance will be there learning in February) then Sonora, Ruta 40 in Argentina, and Rally du Maroc in Morocco.

In addition to sorting out rescue rigs, helicopters, emergency gear and volunteers to make the medical side of things happen. Peg Leg Garage is assisting with Marketing Partnerships, we are using our skills at helping companies sell & improve products/services to make sure the Sonora Rally is a success!

If your company want to get incredible global, national and local attention, if you want to put products/services in the hands of racers, crews or volunteers or if you are a B2B provider and want to interact with Toyota, Audi, KTM, Honda, Polaris and more then give us a shout and we can help.