Center of Gravity Ford Transit
How cool to know the real center of gravity for your rig.

While working my way through the Ford Transit Builders Guide I came across the methods and formulas to figure out the Center of Gravity.

For a road going machine this is less of a concern, but with all the off camber fun we have in the dirt it will be great to know once the build is finished just where that imaginary point is at.

Sure playing on a RTI is fun and looks cool (Ramp Travel Index tells you how much flex your suspension gives), but knowing how if your Center of Gravity is high vs low or front vs back has much more value to the Overlander or VanLife world.

Looks like Martín our resident engineer will have to be involved with all this math, and we will need to borrow 4 wheel scales and a forklift, but in the end should be a good time and great knowledge to share!

Just part of the number crunching we will have to do.