Darche awning on the beach
Extend the walls for even more shade.

After one year of use I figured it was time to give an update on my Darche awning. I paid for this at the Overland Expo in 2018 after my wife saw just how big it was and the expo special price helped.

I am not gentle with my equipment, I buy it to be used and while I try to take care I don’t do anything special. Quick cut to the end….I love it, just wish the bag was a bit bigger around to make zipping up easier.

Darche awning inside spae
This is just the front half of all the space under the awning.

The awning walls fit well in a Pelican suitcase sized case and they are heavy but worth the weight and space. Yes I will get a picture of it all packed up.

Darche awning outside
A view from the outside of the Darche awning setup

The walls work well without stakes unless there is more than a gentle breeze. It is always safest to place some stakes and guy lines just to make sure the wind doesn’t make a sail out of your investment.

Darche awning gaps
Darche awning does have some gaps.

I fully admit we have not been through any crazy rainstorms to see how much water could come in the gaps you see above. That is mainly because I don’t like rain and I hate mud as an amputee.

I will continue to report the longterm likes/dislikes for the Darche but for not I am glad my wife convinced me to spend the money.