Peg Leg Garage is the passion project of a few motivated individuals. We at Peg Leg Garage enjoy having fun in the outdoors and pushing our equipment to its limits. Peg Leg Garage embodies the spirit of innovation and exploration serving as an avenue for the development of products and the integration of a tight nit community. Peg Leg Garage is a continuously evolving organization that seeks to succeed wherever focus is placed. We have built vehicles for SEMA, raced in autocross, road tripped across the country, competed in the world of rally cross and track day events. At each turn Peg Leg Garage has striven to be at the top of the class, providing value added to our partners and a attainable dream for all those who watch our adventures closely.


Lance Blair amputee ICU RN

Lance is the driving force behind Peg Leg Garage. He has the experience and tenacity to make things happen and get the job done. Without Lance PLG would simply spins its wheels never meeting any goals. 

Martin Blair Havana Cuba

Martin in Havana Cuba


Martin is the idea guy. Leading PLG toward new targets and communities. A background in engineering and a fostered love for the outdoors Martin brings the Newest technologies and techniques to the forefront of PLG’s work. 


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