Big Blue Burb Unique features, faults and scars

Well if the old girl is going away I really should be honest with folks about all her downsides. Now that said the Burb is a great ride with tons of smiles per mile, everyone compliments us on her and getting gas can become a conversation stop with strangers. But we have to be honest, she isn’t finished as a project and we get out and play which means she has a few blems.

It is mean of me to highlight all the bad things, but the right buyer will understand that a 1970 Suburban is not a new ride and resto-mod is not Pebble Beach perfection.

There 2 great spotlights for finding fun stuff at night, I upgraded the drivers side to LED, just haven’t gotten around to upgrading the passenger side yet, not really a blem, just a “to be done”.

We put a Maaco paint job on the burb because we knew desert pinstripping is part of our playground. So a here and there the paint is chipping. She still looks good at 20ft though!

That thin Maaco paint also means that the high traffic areas have worn through. If I didn’t live in a nice dry place like Arizona I would use some bed liner type coating on these areas.

I went simple on the door panels, again the paint is chipped on bottoms but still looks good.

Let’s move to some mechanical treats for a bit, the solar feeds into this CTEK controller which works great and enjoys hanging out with the remote power steering reservoir/filter setup. This is a great feature with all the off road driving we do.

My buddy Nick gets credit for all the excellent wiring work on my burb. Labeled and over built to keep us safe and having fun in the backcountry.

Here you can see the Vintage Air monster condenser , trans cooler, and under it the oil cooler, oh and there is a power steering cooler hiding in there also. In the brutal desert southwest we need all the cooling we can get.

Oil cooler at the top of the pic and a killer custom leaf spring setup and Fox shocks keeping the ride nice on the trail.

Under the passenger side is the Extreme Outback air compressor setup and tank, this gives plenty of power for airing up tires, the air lockers and dusting off the interior after a day of play.

Speaking of the desert one of the fun things I did during the build was choose to capture all the AC condensation to add to our water supply while traveling. Why let good water go to waste?

Back outside we go and up to see the roof rack which I made to hold the solar panel and keep space down one side for a kayak and space on the back for fire wood or such. The rack is removable with the quick clamps and the wiring passes through with a marine sealable disconnect.

Back to the inside we go, the original idea was a create seating that becomes a sleep platform. we can carry 4 people and sleep 2 inside and under the awning with walls goes the other 2. Of course as a factory 3 door someone gets to work a bit getting in and out 🙂

Here is the sleep platform, panels lift out from behind the seats to access tools, recovery gear and such. And below is plenty of room for camp gear, kitchen kit and more.

There are a few other dents and spots that could use work if paint time comes again. There is a dent on the drivers side where the swingarm went too wide and the tire kissed the body. Behind the passenger side back wheelwell is a spot of filler from the previous owner. I left it and a tough day on the trail cracked it. Battle wounds made for great stories at least.

Above the sleep platform is the rear AC setup, between the Vintage Air in dash and this in the back we survive and thrive in the desert.

As you can see from the pics there are a few things I still have to do like headliner, rebuild the center console (shown is the final prototype) and clean up a few other things. I also have a different set of front seats I was thinking of swaping to instead of the light colored ones in currently.

A project is never really done and we have been all about getting use out of the Burb every step of the way during our years together. Any questions please contact me and come take her for a drive.


Selling the Big Blue Burb $25k obo

Happy Day, Sad Day, looking to the future Day.

Our Peg Leg Garage Super Support 1970 Suburban is for sale as it is time to move on to a new project. This is a Happy Day  with excitement about the new build, and a Sad Day when we think of this tried, true and trusty steed moving on.

If you know the Burb and want to setup a drive or talk then call Lance 602-451-6079 or email

However if you don’t know this wonderful old iron then follow along and learn why she is worth every penny of our asking price, over the next week I will be adding pictures and commentary to explain upgrades and mods. Oh and speaking of mods, if you want to see the long list of everything then jump to the bottom of this post.


The Burb was a desert prospector when I got it on Black Friday so there was a bit of work tearing out the old man mods

And after a ton of work the camping setup works much better for backcountry exploring.

The goal was to make the rig a better long distance traveler and field serviceable. Thus the 35gal tank and extended lines to make dropping the tank easier. There is also a skid plate to protect previous fuel from rocks.



  • 1970 Chevrolet Suburban 3/4 ton, 4×4 K20 built in Freemont, Ca factory
  • 350ci 300HP crate Throttle Body Injection with Dynamic EFI custom ECU, can be monitored/tuned live by Netbook (computer included in sale) with Adj fuel pressure regulator, high flow water pump
  • 700R4 Automatic Trans with heavy duty upgrades
  • Dana 44 front/14 bolt rear axle 4.56 ratio with ARB Air Lockers in both
  • Fox reservoir shocks front/rear with Hydraulic bumpstops in front
  • Custom 3in lift leaf springs by Valley Spring Phoenix
  • Extreme Outback on board air compressor & 2gal tank with outlets front/rear
  • RPM Fab Dual swingout rear bumper for spare tire, propane & 2 Jerry Cans
  • 35gal Fuel tank with in tank Delco high flow pump
  • Dual battery setup with CTEK charge/solar control, manual battery linking switch, monitor gauge in dash, 125watt solar panel on roof, 200amp custom alternator
  • Custom aluminum radiator with dual high CFM fans on Dakota Digital controller
  • Baja Designs 6in LED in front bumper, small spotlights around roof rack
  • Dual Vintage A Pillar spot lights with LED upgrade
  • ARB 63L fridge as rear seats center console